Our Mission

We at Albritton Ent. And Dream Big Inc. know what it’s like to have a Dream… Some people are blessed with these outstanding gifts and don’t know just exactly how to set their wants, and needs into motion. Well, that’s where WE come in! We know what is expected and how many man hours it takes to make a career in the music business work productively. The creation of the “Art” is the easy part. It’s the fun part. However, the business end is vastly different. Let us take that stress off of you. Concentrate on YOUR DREAMS. This isn’t just a hobby… It’s an actual business. 10% talent and 90% business. My associates and I may seem slow at replying back but that’s only because we get so many submissions. We are very committed to customer satisfaction and outreach. We will be adding more and more contact daily. Thank you so much and have a blessed day!,