Packages & Pricing


1. Introduction into the music business and the knowledge to navigate inside of an entirely different world that can be extremely cut-throat. This includes artist development. Artist development is the first step or else you will fail in the business.

2. Learning the correct order in which to navigate is a MUST! There is nothing worse than getting ahead of yourself and getting nowhere fast. That’s where we come in. So step 2 is proper guidance.

3. Establishing a 5 year plan is imperative. You can’t achieve success without a list of strict goals to follow. Knowing how to execute that list is what we are good at.

4. Signing up for all performing rights is also included in this particular package. Again, your rights need to be protected and that’s what we get paid to help our artists do.

5. Introduction into the marketing industry! This one is tough but you will learn so much. It’s important to have the right people, including yourself, that have experience in this field so that you will not only start to make money but know which avenues to take.

6. Help with creating a mix-tape or album is the main objective. Without product, there’s just no point.

RETAINER Fee is $1000.00 dollars and can be paid in installments with a contract in place and we will start working once the first payment has been made.


This particular package has everything the Bronze pack has but is more advanced. Here’s what’s included:

1.  This includes everything on the Bronze starting with deeper development. This covers guidance in a more intense form. (ex) learning how to prepare to release an album or mix-tape the correct way as to help you build a loyal fan base.

2. Logo and Web design. Logos are important because they signify the seriousness of the artist at hand and a website is mandatory.

3. Marketing and Promo. Here at Dream Big if there’s anything we know how to do, it’s promo and marketing on a pro level. In this industry if you don’t have a promo team and marketing specialist you’re in for a bumpy ride.

4. Starter Venues come with this particular package and they are the starting point where you, as an artist, will start doing smaller shows to prepare for the big leagues!!!!

5. Preparation of your EPK and standard Press Kits will help us to help you be heard. At this point we will start working with radio and obtaining interviews. At this level we will expect to be readying our artist for radio play as well. Our retainer for this package is $1500.00 dollars. Again, this can be made in installments with a contract in place. We start working the minute the first payment is made..


Gold plus contains the Bronze and Silver all in one and here’s where the real FUN comes in!!!!

1. Major Album Releases that we will work with our artist on because they will have a 2 year contract with Dream Big and Albritton Ent. giving our artist access to bigger opportunities because you are now ready. You have shown your commitment and dedication to your music career.

2. Exclusive parties and booking services provided by Dream Big and Albritton Ent. are available with Gold packages. We take on the full responsibility of booking PAID venues for you!

3. Collaboration services with other artist of a higher caliber that help launch your career and theirs even farther. Versatility is a MUST! Trying new things never hurt anyone.

4. Radio PLAY! Get your music heard by major investing companies as well as private investors. At this point in your career you will have an actual album and be able to be on the Radio. We work with many stations and we seize the opportunity for you so you can concentrate on creating YOUR art.

5. We can start deciding as your management to start looking at major labels to get you the best possible deals available.

6. Music videos that are in HD and Vevo (YouTube) worthy.

7. Build fan pages and manage them alongside you

8. (see #2) Paid Venues of a higher quality with larger capacities so your fan base can grow. The retainer on Gold Plus is $2000.00. Installments welcome with a contract of course.


1. Diamond Elite has all of the foundation of the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Plus packages with much more to offer and then some!!! Not only do you get all of the above-mentioned attention and career guidance, on this level you are almost a completely developed artist that can get a decent deal from a record label.

2. Again, at this level our promo team will be in full effect and working nonstop on all avenues of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and etc. We know how to market this area and our results will show within just weeks.

3. The Paid Venues will be in excellent locations and there will be door charges as well as professional ticket sales thru Ticketfly or Stub Hub.

4. We have our own P.R. team (public relations) as to keep everything “in-house” as to save our clientele their hard earned money. This is where press and media come in.

5. With Diamond level our clients will be able to donate a percentage of their earnings from their live shows to give back to a charity/charities of their choosing. It’s a glorious thing to be able to help humankind not only thru music but thru being a humanitarian. Good press.

6. We are in touch with many labels, so with our guidance and knowledge of the business the sky is the limit! We know how to book the best venues and how to help you understand as an artist what sells and what doesn’t. Flexibility and versatility are key.

7. At the Diamond Level you will be afforded more opportunities. We know what it takes to sell music and merchandise. At this level you are already becoming a star in grooming. A diamond in the ruff….

8. For an artist at this level, obtaining sponsorship and investors will be easy the sky is THE LIMIT!

9. Music videos at this level are of the best HD quality with graphics and world class direction and editing. The production is sick! Donny Hall is our first choice and he has a website. and many links and demo reels on YouTube.

This package is for extremely qualified and serious artists. E-mail for pricing.